Heirloom Tomatoes


Lone Willow Ranch - Heirloom Tomatoes

We grow many different types,shapes, colors and favors. Producing our own seed for many years, several pounds for sales to other organic growers. We have our own greenhouse for growing our transplants, adding organic approved soil medium into growing trays. It takes about 60-70 days to grow a nice 8-10” plug then into a warm soil before hand cover crop grown in the winter to build organic matter, compost added with some soil addments when needed. So late March early April spring time planting starts by May staking is in process with string every week they really grow fast. By fourth of July we are into harvest mode, using a wheel barrow with totes we start sniping off the stems close to the end of the hlooms to not damage the tomato harvested with lots of color and favors beyound !Then off to our local farmers market or resturants.In the fall we start canning making sasla and sauceswe using some roma types with rounds adding our onions ,garlic,herbs to makes a delcious favors, some cominations can be banana legs,hawaiian pineapple,purple russian,big russian roma.Its a long harvest into late fall until frost show up to end the season before it happens we pick a few so we can have a few for Thanksgiving then wait for the next season.