Organic Pastured Raised Pork



 We are raising heritage Tamworth pigs. The Tamworth is an English breed of hog that is known for the great bacon and hams.  The first Tamworth’s were brought to the United States in 1882 by Thomas Bennett of Rossville, Illinois. The Tamworth is not the most popular hog on farms but they are a great breed for family farms. Tamworth are great grazers and like being in open spaces. We pasture raise our hogs with simple fencing and protection from the weather.  We supplement their diet with barley wheat, cracked corn which we soak in our fresh goats’ milk; this really adds flavor to the meat and makes the pigs very healthy and happy. Tamworth have a sweet dispositions and like being around people. We simply go to the pasture call them and they come running.

 Lone Willow Ranch CSA pork shares

We breed our sows late winter for early spring births.  We raise the hogs until November where their finished weight will be between 200 to 250 lbs.   Dressed weight is usually between 150 to 200 lbs. Pork shares are available by contacting: John at 559-694-0017 or Shelby @ 559-352-1486.  A deposit is required to secure your share. 


"Hope reported that she and Paco have been having a great time with their pork. In an email this morning she wrote: "The next day Paco and Christopher took one half to Cafe Rouge and had a lesson in butchering. They did the second half back here at the shop and on Saturday we cut and wrapped into the smaller parts. Sunday we made head cheese, more than any one could ever eat, and last night we made a terrine. Delicious! Today we are taking some of the choice belly fat to Angelo for Pancetta instructions. It's been a porky week. Oh- Marsha McBride was very impressed with the quality of the animal, and she's a pork expert." (Marsha McBride is chef at Cafe Rouge, and is renowned as a meat expert.) Thanks very much for making this all happen. I can't wait to dig in!"

Lisa Hamilton