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Lone Willow Organic Heirlooms
Firebaugh, CA

California Certified Organic Farmer. Specializing in 57 varieties of tomatoes since 1992. This farm offers a CSA with seasonal foods grown in rich soil nurtured by control microbial composting method, rotation and cover crops.
Available when in season: 57 Varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes, Green Zebra, Hillbilly, Moon Glow, Paul Robeson, Brandy Wine OTV, 6 Varieties of Eggplants, Bell Peppers, Melons, Corn, Many more Fruits and Vegetables
Lone Willow Ranch
11356 Road 5 ½ Firebaugh, CA 93622
209-392-1910 Home /Office/Fax
John Teixeira 559-694-0017 or farmerjohn@organicheirlooms.com
Shelby Mayfield 559-352-1486 or shelby@organicheirlooms.com

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